Apple Macbook Repair

Things to consider before you avail of MacBook repair service

If you are considering the idea of sending away your Macbook for repair, there are a few things you need to consider before doing so. It is unlikely that your Macbook will malfunction, as they are manufactured by a trusted brand, Apple. However, there can arise such unwanted issues with electronic devices and therefore we seek repair shops. Now you need to keep in mind a couple of steps and measures that you are supposed to check out before sending your Macbook away.

Let us look into the lists of necessary steps to ensure that our data is safe.

  1. How to secure the data in your device

    Apple Macbook repair stores are present all over the world to enable its user to avail the service quite flexibly from anywhere they want. The hard disk may be malfunctioning. In that case, you need to back up the files and the important documents residing inside the memory. So either you can do it right before sending it off or you can also schedule an appointment with the Apple MacBook Motherboard Repair or at an Apple Store.

  2. Remove your Mac from Find My

    This step is taken to ensure that the service centre can work on your device without facing any obstacle or security questions. Enabling the Find My option will create hassles in the way of experts working to repair it. You are also expected to turn off the firmware password and deauthorize your PC for any kind of content purchases.

    For instances like when the motherboard is hampered, neither the hard drive nor the CPU or GPU will be able to function. In that case, you have to send it for getting tested.

  3. Erasing data altogether

    The motherboard functions as the framework for all the major components of the computer. It may show some malfunctions due to excess heating up of the device, or due to mishandling. Sometimes the motherboard may simply fail to work because your device is getting old. In that case, you have to ship out the PC to the service centre.

    Under such a circumstance, you may have to completely erase your hard disk before sending in your Macbook. Before sending the Macbook you need to know the shipping policies and charges covered by the Service Centre. Further knowledge of how to prepare your device before sending it away, is also covered in this section.

  4. Packing Procedures

    Packing is very vital and necessary before sending the device to the MacBook Motherboard Repair. Remove the SD card, power cable and power adapter. Do not include the display covers or any other accessories. Any kind of password or security code stored in the device should be deleted beforehand.

    For your records, you need to remove the topmost layer of the EZ Return Label from the shipping box and keep it with you. Keep a check on the status of the service request and do not forget to receive a receipt from the courier company.

  5. Kinds of Repair work covered by Apple

    Firstly a detailed explanation is provided to the user after the problem has been detected. Following that the kind of problem is not covered under the warranty period or the conditions and if the sum is not provided by the user, the Mac is returned to the user along with the letter carrying the information of the faulty parts.

    As per the Apple Care Product Coverage plans, if the Macbook again shows symptoms of malware within ninety days, the replacement of the parts or further service will be provided free of charges.

  6. Software restoration policies

    If the operating system is restored or the Motherboard is fixed, installation of the latest update to your version of Mac OS will be done by the service centre itself.  If the particular version of your Mac OS is not available or can not be determined, then a fresh version that is the latest one will be provided on your Macbook.

    According to Apple norms, any compromise with the personal data or loss of documents is not a responsibility on the part of the Company.

  7. Battery services and other miscellaneous issues –

    A faulty battery can be replaced under the warranty conditions and consumer laws. Depending on the kind of issue the battery is having, the customer care of the Apple Macbook Repair centre will inform you of the charges they’ll exact. You can seek a service even after the warranty period is over.

    But in that case, you’ll be charged accordingly depending on the persisting cause. You are provided a month to get it repaired under the estimated cost. But Apple holds the privilege to send you the email if the rates have fluctuated. Under such a circumstance you have three days to get back to the company with your response.

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