Donate Your Old/Dead Laptop

Donate your Old/Dead Laptops

Do you have old laptops, desktops, printers, other IT accessories laying around? Don’t know what to do with them?

Old laptops and computers can seem notoriously difficult to get rid of. Most people in your immediate circle wouldn’t want a second hand device, and leaving it lying around the house seems like a waste.

Donate them…! rather than let them gather dust in a closet or add them to a landfill.
Selling the old piece usually isn’t an option because in most cases it would be treated like scrap material and fetch you an extremely poor price. If you’re stuck with the problem of how to dispose your IT equipment, consider donating to us and we accept all of your old IT equipment and accessories.

What we do with them ?

These laptops, once fixed up by us, are usually provided to institutions, like schools and colleges or other people who don’t have the privilege of owning their own devices. And by donating your old laptop for this cause, you have the opportunity to help fill the technological needs of someone less fortunate than you. We work with NGO/non-profit partners and associates across the country to repurpose your donated laptops for a cause.

How you be a part of this nobel cause ?

All you have to do is upload your details along with the particulars of your device, on our website. Based on their specifics, they are then absorbed by the organizations, institutions or people who are in need of them.
The method of collection and the logistics involved in the donation can be discussed and we also facilitate doorstep pick-up, in case you cannot drop in to our offices.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to provide a refurbished equipment from one of our many generous
donors like you, towards an educational, needy individual, or future
learning program.

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On the Positive Side :

A best way of throwing away your Pc / laptop is to donate to a visionary individual who can learn a lot and change his future. Your old computer might have some life in it which can change others life before it is dumped as a junk.

You are a part of the cause which is worth participating, and the price you get in terms of blessings and satisfaction is incommensurate.

By donating your used Laptop /PC you can create a substantial impact on the quality of life of those involved and can change the fate of large sections of society for generations to come
By donating you are also helping to create a more digitally literate world, creating an opportunity and helping to eliminate the digital divide.

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