E-Waste Management

In India, business and individual households make approximately 1.38 million (and growing) personal computers obsolete every year, accelerating the rate of e-waste generation, which is around 10%++, annually going to affect environmental health indicators.
Electronic waste contains many hazardous metallic contaminants such as lead, cadmium, and beryllium and brominated/polybrominated flame-retardants, mercury, barium and lithium. The fraction including iron, copper, aluminium, gold, and other metals in e-waste is over 60%, while plastics account for about 30% and the hazardous pollutants comprise only about 2.70%. The negative health effects of these toxins on humans include brain, heart, liver, kidney and skeletal system damage.
Re-cycle today and be a responsible citizen in reducing the problem of waste in our country.
Our Donation program contributes to waste recycling motive and saves the nature with e-waste hazards, which is growing at the rate of 33% in 2020
By repurposing used computers they are able to drastically reduce the amount of e-waste generated. This cause in itself is reason enough to donate your old device.

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