Laptop Lcd Replacement

Need a Laptop LCD replacement? Here is a checklist that can help you.

What is an LCD?

An LCD is also known as the Liquid Crystal Display is a flat panel display with polarizer.

Accidentally, if you drop the laptop, there is a chance that the screen may break. In that situation, the LCD gets damaged. The extent of damage quite naturally depends on the intensity of the fall.

Depending on the condition, you need to get it repaired as soon as you can. But a sudden shock like that can leave us confused and devastated. Electronic devices are fragile and precious to us, so something like that can leave us anxious as to what to do next.

Here’s a detailed guide to the laptop LCD repair or laptop LCD replacement in case no other option is left with us.

Warranty coverage

Although accidental damage is unintentional, it is not covered under the warranty terms. Even though you did not intend to break the screen, such damages need to be repaired under Accidental Coverage terms with additional charges. Sometimes the damage may be procured due to some heavy substance falling on the glass, or while putting excess pressure on the surface. Such damages need to be repaired by the user himself even though the device is under a warranty period.

How to get it repaired?

If you are not good at repair jobs or dealing with technical things, it is always best to consult a professional and hire him to do it for you. But if you’re confident, you can try to do it yourself.

Removing the bezel

The power supply should be removed and then one needs to carefully remove the bezel. Next, you have to remove the LCD panel which is broken. The screws need to be pulled out to free up the panel. The new panel then needs to be matched with the size of the old one and then the new one needs to be put up along with the screws. Doing it yourself techniques only works if you are confident about your moves. Following this, the bezel needs to be reapplied on the borders. It is prescribable to check the new one after applying it and before attaching the bezel back. If it works fine, fix the bezel and your work is done. Although this is a guide for you to manage the laptop LCD repair on your own, it is recommended to go to the shop and get it fixed readily by a trained man.

Cost of laptop LCD repair

Laptop LCD repair is not as expensive as it seems. But you need to do proper research online before you finally choose to purchase the new screen. If you are buying a screen by yourself and fixing it on your own, the cost can be reduced manifold. But as already mentioned, if you do not have the proper expertise in such laptop LCD replacement do not try to do things on your own.

If you’re asking the laptop technician to repair it, the charges are around $300. If you are capable and have ways to get fixed by yourself then the cost is around $50-$100. But if you make a mistake in the process and damage it more, the purpose of cost-effectiveness is defeated.

Identify the cause 

It is crucial to assess the kind of screen damage you’re possibly having. There is a difference between cracking or internal defects. If it is just a crack or break in the screen, laptop LCD replacement will cure the problem. But if it’s an internalized issue like a software glitch or graphics card damage then you have to take it to a certified expert, to get it repaired.

The professionals will be able to detect the right reason and get it fixed in no time. Such cases should not be delayed, as the damage can get severe with time and the complications are likely to increase.

Is repair worth it? 

The cost of repair can only go up when you reach the Service Centres for a replacement. This is because if you drop the laptop and there is a broken screen, it happens so that the damage can be deep-rooted. A heavy blow can damage the frame, the fragile cables can tear inside due to the massive blow.

The charges of repair can only be hefty and might burn a hole in your pocket.

If you’re fortunate, the damage cost can be covered under the policies of accidental damage charges, within the warranty period.

Either way, do not try to mend it yourself if you aren’t sure about what exactly went wrong or how to go about with the procedures for laptop LCD repair. A certified expert can guide you with the right recommendations and affordability of the entire process.

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