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5 Common Problems that Laptop repair services in HSR Layout can help you overcome

Laptops nowadays are considered essential items by almost everyone. They give you the freedom and flexibility to complete your work at ease and take it with you wherever you go. The convenience that they offer, however, is not without drawbacks.

An expert laptop technician can troubleshoot the problems that the laptop develops and provide repair services or remedial measures to overcome them.

Several Laptop repair services in HSR Layout like Errorkart provide professional services at affordable prices for common problems.

Here are some of the most common laptop problems that an expert can assist with:

  1. Overheating

    Laptop designs have been getting slimmer and more lightweight over the years. This can lead to greater heat generation due to their small size compounded by the lack of ventilation. Another factor is excessive dust leading to build-up of heat in the system. In the long run, overheating can depreciate the performance of your laptop leading to frequent system crashes and frozen screens.

    This overheating issue should be resolved as soon as possible by consulting an expert; before it leads to more problems. The repair professional will try to first clean the air vents using a soft cloth or a keyboard cleaner. To reduce likelihood of any further dust clogging, a filtered cloth might be placed over the inhalation vent.

    If simple fixes do not work, the professional might look to update the system BIOS (Basic Input/output System) and clean the BIOS of any bugs. This is the built-in core processor that can dissipate heat and manage it.

  2. Liquid Spills on Laptop

    Liquid spills are very common as people tend to eat and drink while having their laptops open in front of them. Either for watching a movie, or even working on a presentation; there can be several reasons for accidental liquid spillage.

    It is imperative to not delay the response and take action immediately. In case the response time is increased, the liquid seeps into the system causing short circuit, corrosion and damage to the electrical components.

    A strategy that can be followed is turning off the power immediately following the liquid spill, turning the laptop upside down and leaving it that way for an hour to make sure any residual liquid is brought out. It is essential to visit a professional so he can perform a deep cleaning by removing the keyboard and removing any unseen remnants that can cause long-term damage.

  3. Laptop Not Powering On

    When you switch your laptop on, it appears to start but there is no display. What could be the reason behind this?

    A thermal breakdown will cause the graphics processing unit of the board to fail causing the graphics chip to disconnect from the board.

    Another reason for the laptop not powering on is that over time, the lithium-ion batteries can lose their capacity to charge. All batteries have an average time which they will run for after which they need to be replaced. In this case, battery replacement becomes necessary.

    Contacting professional repair experts will help mitigate the problem successfully.

    Check out our Laptop repair services in HSR Layout for getting quick and efficient battery and chipset replacement!

  4. Viruses or Malware

    The best protection against viruses and malware is having a firewall or an antivirus installed on your laptop. However, it is possible to become infected by a computer virus nevertheless. Viruses are constantly evolving and trying to find new ways to bypass the defense mechanism. A virus on the system is a major threat to computer performance and safety.

    A laptop repair professional will safely extract the threat from your system and install robust anti-virus software to prepare for any further threat. Sometimes, the only solution is to completely wipe the device and restore the data from a backup if the number or size of viruses is too large to mitigate successfully.

  5. Laptop continually shutting down or crashing

    You switch your computer on, only for it to suddenly shut down. This can create a nuisance as it leads to unsaved work and data. However, the problem and the solution need not be too complex.

    Computers have a safety feature that causes it to shut down if its components overheat. A professional will examine the fan, to check if it’s working smoothly. They will also examine the laptop for any hardware issue as well as problems related to power surge to get to the root of the problem.


There are several common problems plaguing a laptop that a professional can handle efficiently. It is important to select the right experts to ensure your computer is in safe hands. Our Laptop repair services in HSR Layout provide systematic and quick maintenance and servicing leaving your laptop feeling as good as new!

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