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Laptop Troubleshooting And Laptop Repair Services In Vijayanagar

Electronics advancement is one of the finest gift of mankind to the mankind. A world without electronic devices can’t be imagined anymore after we’ve seen, how easier things can become with the help of them. One of the most versatile and important electronic device of the modern world is a laptop computer. It owes its importance to its versatile usage in so many fields. So it is very essential for the laptop computer to be in a healthy and trouble free state.

Apart from the software problems, mostly users face hardware based problems. As tough as it sounds, but few hardware problems are easily solvable and don’t need too much of technical knowledge, while some problems require the attention from a proper technician. In this article, we will discuss about the solutions to some of the hardware based problems in laptops, their fixing processes and the laptop repairing services in Vijayanagar.

Hardware of a laptop: It’s constitution : 

The hardware of a laptop computer, is basically the convective system of the device. It is made up of many parts which are connected to each other with different type of connections. Each of those parts have their respective tasks to do in order for the user to get their required result or action. Now we will discuss about few of the hardware parts of a laptop computer.

  • Central processing unit : The head of the device is the central processing unit. Every other part of the device is connected to it and acts according to it. The instructions of each and every program are carried out by the central processing unit. Central processing unit is often called by its abbreviation which is CPU.
  • CPU fan : In order to make the laptop compact, the space allocation inside the body is very rigid. So whenever a laptop is running for a long duration or performing too many actions at the same time as it can multi task, the hot air inside produced inside the body can prove to be very hazardous for the device. So, a CPU fan is present which clears the hot air out of the system, thus keeping a stable and healthy temperature.
  • Heat sink/pipe : A laptop computer consists of a heat sink or heat pipe, in order to carry out the warm air which was circulating within a very short or compressed space.
  • RAM : RAM is the abbreviation to Random Access Memory. Every task that is performed on a computer has some part of it recorded and stored as address in the RAM. The RAM is perhaps one of the most important entities to look for while purchasing a laptop computer.
  • Battery : Battery is inbuilt inside a laptop computer. It is the main source of power for the device. Though many users use a laptop while connecting it with a wire to an AC socket, it is not advisable. It may cause serious damage to the battery and may result in the breakdown of it thus resulting in breakdown of the entire device.

Trouble shooting and repairing problems :

In order to check or diagnose whether the laptop computer is properly working or not, a user must always check the following stuff up. Considering the software is alright and is causing no issues, we need to check several hardware elements. Sometimes even if the hardware is alright, it must be the motherboard which is causing any issue. Many other problems might be there, which we will discuss now.

  • Problems related to power : One of the most frequent problem that users face is battery breakdown. When such a thing happens, a laptop computer doesn’t turn on. Sometimes the same thing happens even when the battery is working just fine. Then we must check the adapter and the socket as well.
  • Problems related to motherboard : The motherboard is where all the circuit work of the entire device is done. As a result of over heating and sometimes after a duration of long usage, the circuit breaks down at one junction or inside s single mesh resulting in several issues. So the motherboard of a computer always needs to be checked whenever there is a breakdown of the device. It can be done with the help of a simple digital voltmeter.
  • Problems related to RAM : Another frequently faced problem while using a laptop computer is a blank screen or a screen where no image can be found. If the battery is working fine, the adapters and the power sockets are alright, but still there is no image on the screen or the monitor, the user must check whether the LEDs at the top and bottom of the screen are working or not. If the LEDs are not working, then it’s the monitor that’s defective. But if the LED s are working fine, then it is a problem of the RAM. In such a situation, the RAM needs to be opened and brushed to clear the dust or just replacing it will workout as well.


Owing to the technological prowess of this century, we are totally dependant and relying on electronic products. So they need to be stable at all times. Repairing centres are required at heavier frequency in many places of the country. However the laptop repairing services in Vijayanagar are doing a steady growth. Thus we get a clear idea about laptop trouble shooting and some easy diagnostic steps which we should follow to find easy fixes of the issues.

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