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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Computer And Laptop Repair Services In Vijayanagar

A laptop computer is the portable version of a desktop computer. It consists of all the parts of a desktop computer but in a compact manner. Every work or task that can be done using a desktop computer can also be done by using a laptop computer. They are available in various sizes and in various specifications based on several requirements. Later on in the article, we will discuss about the different advantages and disadvantages of a laptop computer in the modern world and laptop repair services in Vijayanagar.

A laptop computer generally consists of two lids. The upper lid contains the monitor and the lower lid contains the mousepad and the keypad that is the action input set. External mouse can also be connected which may be wired or wireless as well. Laptop computers can be used for office work, for playing games, for entertainment and also for normal purposes like calculation, storing important information etc. The world laptop owes its significance to the way of its usage. It is generally placed on the lap while using and it is comfortable enough that way though people use them according to their pleasure.

Inception of the laptop computer:

Personal computer came to existence in the early 70s. Soon enough an idea of a portable computer was imagined. Work had been going on to bring that imagination to reality and in the early 80s, the first laptop was designed. It was much different in every which way possible from the laptop computer that we have today. In a short interval, as soon as 8 bit processor units were accepted and sanctioned, laptops started to be mass produced. The first commercial laptop computer was designed and released for the world in 1980.

Later on, various other altercations were introduced. Those type of altercations included, touchpads and other processor variations. The new processors were faster than the previous ones and they consumed less amount of power. The battery life of the later versions were much more finer and advanced. With time, even the resolutions of the screen were made better. Knowing that people were spending a lot of time staring at the screen for work or other purposes, the screen’s resolution were to be made much advanced and they needed to be comfortable enough for the human eyes. Few years back, even touch screen monitors were introduced. So the advancement is going on and will continue to go on in the near future as well.

Advantages of a laptop computer:

In this modern world of technology, where electronic products dominate almost every other industry, a laptop computer is of utmost importance. Here are few of the many advantages that we get when we use a laptop computer.

  • Laptop computers are portable. As a result they can be carried from one place to another with ease.
  • As compared to a desktop computer or a personal computer, a laptop computer occupies a much smaller space.
  • A laptop is a finished and a complete product in itself. It doesn’t require to be assembled like that of a desktop computer. Any external device that we connect in a desktop or a personal computer, is already inbuilt or present in a laptop computer.
  • A laptop computer can be used for wireless internet connection and accessibility. A desktop computer is also eligible for such a task, but it can only be connected to the home WiFi network, whereas a laptop due to it’s mobility, can be used to connect to any sort of wireless network at any place. Few of the modern models of various brands are also used to install SIM cards for cellular phone uses.

Disadvantages of a laptop computer:

No product in this world is ideal. Everything that has advantages, also has drawbacks as well. However, whether the disadvantages are predominant over the advantages or not are completely a different argument. Here we will discuss about the drawbacks or disadvantages of a laptop computer.

  • Laptops are compact but they are delicate as well. They need to be handled with proper care for a long life of the device. A few drops of water, if penetrates into the device or if it catches a hard fall over a hard surface it may end up in breakdown of the computer. Laptop computers are very sensitive and need to be taken care of.
  • The inbuilt battery of a laptop computer is often found to breakdown after a short amount of time in many cases. This happens because most of the users operate the device while charging it through an AC source like that of a personal or a desktop computer. This damages the battery. So, it must be taken care of by following strict rules.
  • Reinstalling of different softwares or operating systems are another reasons for the device to breakdown. The device delivers its best with its factory installed operating system.
  • The repairing of laptop computers cost a much more amount as compared to desktop or personal computers. Though most of the metropolitan cities in the country are equipped with a lot of facilities, the laptop repairing services in Vijayanagar are found to be exquisite.

The modern world is a technology oriented world. In the years to come it will be a technology dominated one. So here we get a brief idea about one of the most extensively used electronic device in modern times.

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